just chasing colors until my eyes are content.

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Spontaneous snapshots. Dabbling

documenting. Capturing colors. Creating cards. Sold on Etsy and Zazzle.


Unemployed fancy babbling. Purging the past more clearly, without the daily BS that tends to interfere with greatness.  Find me here: The Sensitive Ones


Purely therapeutic. Playing with

colors just to flip the mind to kind and positive. Instant smile. Take a visual stroll thru my shop called chromeCHARM.

seWIST (artist that sews)

Sewing colors. Creating while learning. See my colorful creations at my Etsy

shop called 5foot1.


Rookie. Learning and practicing the arts. Pretending to be legendary and historical artistically in a cartoon suit.

Embracing art to heal self, in hopes of finding my new career. Goal: To be creative and happy always!  ~_~  More about...